The Promise of … New Workout Clothes

I’ve had a pretty solid case of writer’s block recently.  Maybe it’s not fair to call it that since I am not a “writer” in my daily life…but the fact is I think about writing almost daily and lately haven’t been motivated by any one topic.  I did just complete a 10-page paper for a graduate class; ok yes, let’s blame that for now.

Then I thought, wait, that no energy approach bleeds over into everything in my life at the moment.  Now I know that sounds like I’m all negative and such but I’m actually a pretty optimistic person.  Ask those that know me and they will confirm I tend to live with my “rose colored glasses” on 24/7.

The motivation is really just about “doing” the stuff I plan in my mind when I’m fully rested and ready to take on the day.  Ok yes that is usually on like a Wednesday morning, and when Saturday rolls around my day sounds like a lot more fun to just be lazy.

I know!  I will go buy some new workout clothes, that will motivate me.  The promise of new workout clothes will inspire me to hit the weights!  Off to the Target fitting room with a cartful of adorable, bright new shorts and fun workout shirts.  I will be so stylish…

oh wow…

that’s what I really look like?  This Target lighting is not doing me any favors.  These shorts looked way bigger on the hanger and my boobs don’t fit in any of these sports bras!  Seriously, how small are these manufactures making these clothes?!  I know I have this size at home (yes, I know in a drawer I haven’t opened in two years- thanks for pointing that out).

UGH this whole process reminds me of how much energy it took to get fit and energy seems to be what I’m lacking.  Ok then maybe it’s the diet.  The food I’m choosing is probably what drags me down.  I know you can’t out exercise a bad diet, so perhaps nutrition should be the first step.

You should know I consider myself a selective vegetarian.  In other words, I like cheeseburgers, but all other meat could cease to exist and I would be great with that.  I should be really healthy then right?  Getting all my nutrients from fruits and veggies.

Alas, no.  Maybe I should correct my vegetarian comment; I am really just a Carbivore.  Yes you read that right, and no spellcheck did not know what I was trying to say.  So I am making “Carbivore” a new word.

Look let’s be real- I have never met a potato I didn’t like.  I don’t care what you do to it.  And pasta…YES PLEASE! 🙂  Of course we will need to include cheese, although I realize I am straying from my carb roots on that one.  But I do need some protein.

I’ve got it!  I will make one tiny change a day.  Maybe tomorrow is cutting out the creamer in my coffee, and the next day it’s not having a glorious grilled cheese for lunch.  Ha ha, look at me.  The overachiever.

Neh…I shall pace myself.  One small change a week.  A change I can make that has to remain constant and then I will build from there.

To be fair, this week’s change can’t exclude things like awesome coffee concoctions or chocolate deliciousness;  I have plans on Wednesday to devour both of those things!  Baby steps here friends!  Baby steps to success.

I’ll start with hard liquor.  I really don’t drink that anyway. 🙂


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