The Promise of … New Technology

I love new technology, I mean like really love it!  It’s not like I can code or anything but I do love new gadgets.

Setting up my new phone was always a great adventure, then of course Apple made the set up almost obsolete with the wonder of iCloud.  Now I leave Best Buy and not only is my phone up and running, but all the apps are organized exactly like my other phone!  Convenient, yes, but I wanted to play with the new phone and figure out all the features.

Of course you know what this means then right?  I just have to buy the other new gadgets that come out and learn how to use them to my advantage.  Take the iPad mini for example.  I bought one before I had my Mac because I justified that it was the cheaper of the two options and I could use it to take notes in the class.  Yea…that wasn’t as easy as planned.  So it became great for reading, obsessing over my favorite budgeting app (Smart Budget 2, by Game Pizza), and…well I don’t know.  But it fits in my purse and is easier to read emails when I’m bored in a meeting. 🙂

That leads me to the Apple Watch.  I finally purchased one a few weeks ago, only after trying the Garmin VivoSmart and Pebble Steel.  I know the VivoSmart isn’t a smart watch, but it does tell time, and most importantly to me, delivered notifications directly to my wrist.  So awesome!  The downside is that I like wearing a watch as a statement piece, and the VivoSmart just didn’t fit that bill. All that aside, I do think it’s an awesome tracker.

So next came the Pebble Steel, as I could justify that price vs. the Apple Watch.  The backstory here is I had birthday money and a gift card so all of these purchases were fairly inexpensive out of pocket.  Of course, I just kept adding money to the pot every time I upgraded.

Ok, anyway, the Pebble Steel.  Totally waterproof, great starter smartwatch.  Honestly though, I just found it too simplistic for me.  I didn’t like the lack of touchscreen, nor did I find the available apps to be awe inspiring.  In fairness I did transition to the Pebble Time for about a week- didn’t really like that either.  At this point I figured I was really only a few bucks off the Apple Watch Sport version, so I took the plunge!

The real question is…how do I like it?!  Well it’s fun.  The icons are easy to press, there are plenty of apps available (although not all function as well as I would like), and personally I haven’t really found the battery life to be an issue.

The best part of all is the ease of glancing at my wrist to see a notification vs. the intrusion of looking at my phone.  I can quickly and fairly unnoticed find out if the notification is urgent or can wait; truly the best part of the watch.

Perhaps the battery lasts well for me (I usually have close to 50% left at the end of the day) because I basically use the watch to augment my glorious iPhone 6.  Even still I think it’s worth it and I am very interested to see the changes/upgrades from watchOS 2, available September 16th.  What is watchOS 2?  Remember I’m not a techie, just an enthusiast but I bet your questions can be answered here:

Just another week until I’m giddy again over the promise of new technology!


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