The Promise of … Possibility

In case you didn’t know or couldn’t tell, the “Promise of a New Notebook” blog isn’t really about the notebook.  It’s about possibility; the possibility for anything.

Only the limitations you set limit you.  The human mind has proved it is capable beyond measure, yet we allow ourselves to hide behind excuses of why we “can’t”.  I’m kind of talking to myself here.  I’ve been wanting to write a blog, or journal, for some time now but then I figure I don’t have much to say that others want to hear, so why bother.  See, that’s me limiting myself.

What’s really interesting to me is all the things I have set out to do in this life that either I told myself I couldn’t do or someone else told me wasn’t possible.  Only when I let the lies in did I not even try.

Here are some great examples of what I mean.  I was born with mild Cerebral Palsy.  For those that don’t know CP is a brain injury or brain malformation that occurs while the brain is developing — before, during, or after birth. As a result of the brain damage during brain development a child’s muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance can be affected (as defined by

I’ve spent a lot of my life pretending I don’t have CP.  I guess that’s because there is a stigma attached to disabilities and I don’t like being told I can’t do things.  Lucky for me, I’m blessed in that it is so mild only one of my legs is slightly affected with what looks like a small limp.  Even then, sometimes it’s not noticeable.  But if I’m honest I am pretty sensitive about it.  I think some of my stubbornness comes from spite, like “I’ll show you!”, and well I’m Irish/Italian so that might have something to do with it.

But here is what CP did not keep me from doing:

  • A horribly “choreographed” little dance I did in middle school at a talent show.  Lord help me, I’m blushing as I write that because I’ve never really wanted to own it publicly.  See that was me saying “I’ll show you” and well I’m pretty sure I made of fool of myself…but what the heck.  I can (kind of) laugh about it now.
  • Plays in high school, and I was the lead in at least one that I can remember
  • Swim team all 4 years.  I was the lead distance swimmer most of the time and came in first a decent amount of the time.  Truly the CP did limit me here, as my legs didn’t have a very strong kick, but my upper body took over and compensated for the loss.
  • figure picTrained as a bodybuilder and competed in a figure competition.  Didn’t place well but I worked my butt off to get there!  Given my lack of balance due to the CP I was not able to squat free style, so I always had to use the Smith Machine, and my left lower body did develop a little better than my right, but dang it, I put my mind to it and I did it!
  • Competed in power lifting and won a UPA Bench Only National Title in 2010 with a 369 lb bench at 181 lbs.  Again the CP made competitive bepl picnch press a challenge due to my lack of flexibility.  But I still did it!  And I’m very proud of that number.  Incidentally, I held this title for 5 years before another came in, and applaudingly, took the title with a 413 lb bench just this year.  Congrats Rebecca Roberts!  The best I ever managed was 402 lb.  Hats off to you.

Ok so enough with the War and Peace version of my life; these are just a few examples of not letting excuses get in the way.  While I had forces working against me (my own body) I found a way to overcome.

Of course I’m fallible too; I am a master at letting excuses get in the way…such as I should be doing homework right now, or finally taking the rest of the wallpaper off my bedroom walls, or even just doing the dishes.  I guess no one has challenged me yet that I can’t do those things. 🙂

I joke, but seriously, what’s stopping you?  If you really want to you will.  The promise of possibility is stronger than any limit imposed.

I’ll have to remember this when I’m toying with the idea of getting my PhD.


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