The Promise of … Inspiration

I don’t even know what this will be.  Maybe nothing, maybe an outlet, maybe that push to write a book.  All I know is that every new notebook holds that promise.  The promise of it being an amazing testament to work I’ve completed, thoughts I’ve captured, ideas I hope to bring to life.  Alas all that I ever seem to have though is that promise of the new notebook.

That perfect notebook I found at the local office supply store or a favorite treasure hunt spot.  I see the beautiful cover, ornate and flawless, calling me to write on page after page.  It feels romantic to look back on a filled notebook.  Writings, images, inspirational quotes.  But then what?  I think that’s why I never actually get to that peaceful, satisfying moment of the complete promise.  Nope that’s a lie.  I love the idea.  Just like organizing…I love the idea of it but don’t really want to DO it.  I just want it to be done.  Kind of a metaphor for my life. 🙂

Newly divorced, daughter in college, son in high school, working on my Masters…and now this.  Feels oh so romantic right now!  The promise of a new notebook has me inspired.


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